Door: 50 DKK
06/10/2017 21:00
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October Dance – or 'OD' as the kids call them – is a disco band.

Heavily influenced by the New York disco scene, some might think of acts like Talking Heads, Arthur Russell's Loose Joints and the whole DFA Records ensemble, though this act is much more than just the references.October Dance combine warm synthesizers, groovy basslines and lots of percussion with Tobias Lauesen's eccentric vocal. They released their debut EP '7 Moon' in 2013 on Oh My Collective and their second EP in the spring of 2014 on Sound of Copenhagen. Earlier this year the guys gave birth to new material once again in the form of the EP ‘Paradise in Heaven’ which was record in Costa del Sol.

Local wonderkid Rasmus Vels spins adequately cool disco records before and after the show.